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.: Vision

The vision of the forum comprises:

1.  Elimination of excess morbidity and mortality caused due to tobacco use in India.
2.  Effective enforcement of comprehensive tobacco control legislation and policies.
3. Being a streamlined coalition of multi-sectoral organizations working in tandem towards a common      collective goal of tobacco control in India, with a focus on policy and awareness issues.

.: Mission

The mission of the AFTC is to create mass support for tobacco control policies through evidence based, scientifically validated and concerted advocacy by its member organizations, targeted at policy makers through involvement of media, youth and the general population to create a tobacco free India.

Policy areas of AFTC focus include: prohibition of smoking in public places, prohibition on advertising of tobacco products, prohibition of sale of tobacco products to and by minors, depiction of pictorial health warnings on tobacco packs, stopping surrogate advertising and increasing taxes on tobacco products.

.: Goals

1.  Capacity building and networking among NGOs working at state and district levels, enabling concerted          advocacy for tobacco control (with central and state level policy makers and other multiple stakeholders).

2.  Sensitize and train law enforcement agencies in partnership with government agencies for the      effective enforcement of the provisions of the Indian Tobacco Control Act, i.e., Cigarettes and Other
     Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA) 

3.  Consolidate opinion on implementation of tobacco control policies among general public and key      stakeholders through policy related research.

4.  Generate vital public and media support for the public health significance of tobacco control policies and      measures.

5.  Advocate for stronger policies for tobacco control in India, keeping pace with international best      practices on tobacco control.

6. Promote NGO - government partnerships at state and district level by increasing the level of NGO       participation in government-led planning, implementation and monitoring activities related to tobacco       control, by identifying and advocating for channels and mechanisms which facilitate greater participation       by civil society.

7. Network with the non-tobacco private sector to mobilize their support for smoke-free workplaces and     hospitality industry at the national and state level.

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